California’s $100 Billion Surplus: What To Know About Newsom’s Spending Plan "Speaking for more than two hours in a press conference in Sacramento, Newsom unveiled his latest record spending proposal for the coming fiscal year. Riding a superheating economy and drawing disproportionately from the state’s highest earners, the state is now projected to have a surplus bigger than California — or any state — has ever had, and significantly more than the $76 billion that the governor predicted in January." (LAist)

Secret retreats and a powerful ‘cabal’: Corruption probe reveals who really runs Anaheim "The allegations have imperiled the city’s planned $320-million sale of Angel Stadium to the team, sent shockwaves through Anaheim’s political establishment and provided a rare, unvarnished look at how business is done behind closed doors in the city of 350,000." (LA Times)

The Decade of Cheap Rides Is Over "How Uber rights the ship is not for me to figure out, but one obvious answer is that rides have been getting—and will continue to get—more expensive. Average Uber prices rose 92 percent between 2018 and 2021, according to data from Rakuten; a separate analysis reports an increase of 45 percent between 2019 and 2022. Both Uber and Lyft have added a surcharge for riders that helps drivers account for high gas prices." (Slate)

LA’s Homelessness Authority Has New Plans. Here’s What It Wants To Do "LAHSA said it will create a new matching policy, working with the Coordinated Entry System policy council to build more flexibility into how people access permanent supportive housing." (LAist)

Why do so many L.A. apartments come without fridges? Inside the chilling mystery "How L.A. became a fridge-less aberration is one of the region’s more mysterious, least delightful eccentricities, along with absurdly long street parking signs or frigid days at the beach in June." (LA Times)