The first components of an extensive makeover of Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station is scheduled to break ground in November, according to a document submitted to the Metro Board's Construction Committee.

Located directly beneath the I-105 Freeway, the station has long been criticized for its lack of amenities, basic safety features and poor accessibility.  The $66-million renovation, designed by architecture firm RNL, will include:

  • A platform extension with a shade canopy, signal improvements and a new at-grade pedestrian crossing for the Blue Line.
  • New elevators, escalators and stairs for the elevated Green Line.
  • Improvements to lighting and pedestrian access for transit patrons
  • Construction of a new Metro Customer Service Center, a new transit security facility and a new Sheriff's substation.
  • Additional parking for bicycles and automobiles.
  • New public art.
  • A central plaza connecting to an adjacent shopping center.

Completion of the project is expected in 2020.  The station is currently the fourth busiest in the Metro Rail network, with approximately 30,000 daily passengers.