Culver City has welcomed tech and entertainment industry giants to large office complexes over the past decade. New zoning rules poised for adoption later this year could help clear the way for thousands of new residents as well.

The forthcoming update to the Culver City general plan, scheduled for adoption in Fall 2024, was detailed in a recent policy brief by the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate. Among the changes to be implemented include provisions for "by-right" residential developments which do not require special approvals from the city. Likewise, expanding housing development to commercially-zoned properties across the city will mean that more than 80 percent of residential uses will be permitted on 80 percent of parcels citywide - up from 50 percent today.

Before and after zoning for Culver CityCulver City / UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate

According to the policy briefs, changes will be most noticeable on commercial corridors such as Sepulveda Boulevard and Washington Boulevard, as well as predominantly industrial and office park districts, which will be rezoned to allow mixed-use buildings and standalone retail. Shopping centers, neighborhoods around Culver City Station, industrial areas like the Hayden Tract, and the office parks in Fox Hills would see allowable densities set between 65 and 100 dwelling units per acre.

While Culver City is required to rezone for 3,341 residential units by 2029, opposition to developments in the city has remained strong, according to the brief. A proposed 762-unit apartment complex at a shopping center in Fox Hills was scuttled by opposition, although the new owners of the site are reportedly still considering housing. Some components of the massive Westfield Culver City mall may also be put up for redevelopment.

Nonetheless, some large housing developments continue to make progress in Culver City. Lincoln Property Co. is planning 309 apartments on the site of an office complex in Fox Hills and 200 apartments were completed next to Culver City Station in 2021.

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