With incentives including government-backed, guaranteed rental income; maintenance stipends; on-site residential coordination services; and wraparound customer support; LeaseUp has quickly become the go-to listing service for developers leasing properties in Los Angeles County.

Here are some of the benefits one can expect when they partner with LeaseUp to lease 15 or more units:

  • 100% occupancy within 30 days
  • $90 monthly maintenance stipend per unit
  • Access to 5% of the building’s total gross rent each for management costs + vacancy loss support
  • Guaranteed monthly rental income
  • On-site residential coordination support
  • Free listing

Why choose LeaseUp?

Dedicated to making leasing easy and hassle-free, LeaseUp offers a free sign up and application process, thorough tenant vetting, and progressive government-funded financial incentives including holding fees.  In other words, LeaseUp does the work for you.  

This is why over 1,000 developers and property owners have already made the move to partner with LeaseUp, and more join every day. 

What to expect

The LeaseUp team reviews partner applications to determine eligibility for the program. Once an application has been approved, housing specialists work with each developer or property owner to list the units on the LeaseUp platform for free, identify suitable tenants, and complete the inspection and viewing process, along with necessary paperwork. LeaseUp staff are dedicated to filling the building’s occupancy within 30 days of finalizing the agreement.

After move-in, the specialist provides ongoing support for the duration of the partnership.

Get started

Sign up at leaseupla.org to learn how you can turn your empty units into cash flow.

More about LeaseUp

Backed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), LeaseUp is a nonprofit program tackling L.A. County’s housing and homelessness crisis by connecting developers, property owners, and landlords with qualified tenants in need of housing—fast.