Completion is nearing for Atwater Union, a new development of small lot houses near the Glendale Transportation Center.

The project, which is being developed by local investor Paul Pagnone, is located at 3545 Casitas Avenue in Atwater Village.  It consists of 10 single-family residences in a mix of two- and three-bedroom floor plans.  The houses stand two- and three-stories in height, each featuring its own garage and a rooftop deck.

Corsini Stark Architects designed Atwater Union, which is arranged in two rows flanking a central driveway.  The project includes an eight-foot-by-six-foot mosaic tile mural called "Home Again," which was created by artists Leo Liman and Antonio Aguirre.

“Growing up in Atwater, we were always playing in and around the LA River, it was our natural backyard," reads a quote from Paul Pagnone posted to the project website. My childhood memories are of Leo’s River Catz. When our family would drive home from a day out, I'd be looking out the car window from the freeway and if I saw Leo’s River Catz then I knew I was home. I'm so honored to have Leo and Jose create this artwork for Atwater Union.”

Completion of Atwater Union is anticipated in Fall 2019, following approximately two years of construction.