Santa Monica-based developer Redcar Properties is pitching plans for yet another office projects in its hometown.

On August 16, the Santa Monica Planning Commission is scheduled to review a proposal from Redcar which would see the construction of a new three-story, approximately 47,300-square-foot office building on a site at 1630 Euclid Street. The proposed project, which would replace small commercial buildings and sheds, would also include new parking for 137 vehicles in a two-level subterranean garage.

Aerial view looking southwestRedcar Properties

The site is being developed as a sister project to 1650 Euclid, an approximately 39,000-square-foot office development which Redcar is currently building on an abutting site to the south. The proposed new construction would connect to parking facilities in the under-construction building, providing 19 additional spaces for occupants of 1630 Euclid.

Renderings of the new complex depict a contemporary low-rise structure, with an H-shaped footprint providing space for two courtyards and two rooftop decks. The design was presented to the Santa Monica Architectural Review Board earlier this year, at which time it received praise for its simple concept, but also feedback suggesting the use of additional wood siding on an alley elevation to the west and modifications to better engage with the sidewalk on Euclid.

1630 Euclid StreetGoogle Maps

Per a staff report, the project would require the payment of nearly $1.1 million in public benefits feeds toward affordable housing and park development, as well as transportation mitigations. Additionally, Redcar is required to create a transportation demand management program for the project.

Redcar, in addition to its Euclid Street projects, is behind proposals for a number of similar office complexes in Santa Monica and Chinatown.

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