A small commercial building in Alhambra has bit the dust, and a mixed-use development featuring housing and retail is slated to rise in its place.

Temple City-based Ares Property Investment, LLC is behind the project, which is slated for a 1.45-acre site at the northeast corner of Monterey and Bay State Streets.  Plans call for the construction of a five-story building featuring 62 condominiums and 20,500 square feet of ground-floor commercial space 157 subterranean parking spaces.  A standalone six-story garage containing 272 parking stalls and 6,500 square feet of restaurant space is also included in the project.

Simon Lee & Associates is designing the housing complex, which is depicted in renderings as a contemporary podium-type building.  Cantilevered balconies would line Bay State and Monterey Streets, while a courtyard amenity deck would sit behind the apartment block.

Construction is anticipated to occur over approximately 18 months, according to an initial study published by the City of Alhambra.