A recent ribbon-cutting ceremony headlined by the project's namesake marked the completion of the Dolores Huerta Apartments, a new permanent supportive housing complex in South Los Angeles.

Located at 5215 S. Figueroa Street, the four-story building is composed of prefabricated modular units, and features 40 apartments, as well as on-site services.

View looking north from 52nd PlaceGary Leonard

City records list Torrance-based Breen Engineering as designer of 5215 Figueroa, which has an exterior of corrugated metal, a small courtyard at street level, and a breezeway through the building.

The apartment complex was built by RMG Housing using a $6.6-million investment from SDS Capital and its Supportive Housing Fund, which is billed as a "first of its kind" private equity model to create homeless housing without public financing. To date, the fund has led to the construction of 760 homes, and is on track to create 2,500 units across 30 projects within the next six years.

Dolores Huerta at the Dolores Huerta ApartmentsGary Leonard

The unique financing model, coupled with the use of prefabricated modular units, also comes with a lower price tag than seen in other permanent supportive housing developments. RMG built the project for less than the roughly $600,000 per-unit cost seen in California.

In addition to 5215 Figueroa, RMG Housing is also developing multiple supportive housing projects across South Los Angeles.

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