Earlier today, local elected officials broke ground on a new L.A. River bridge that will link Griffith Park with Atwater Village.

The North Atwater Crossing, as the project is officially known, will link the L.A. River Bike Trail at a location just north of North Atwater Park.  It will notably provide access for equestrians, cyclists, and pedestrians, but not automobiles.

The approximately 325-foot span would be anchored by a series of cables attached to a central mast, giving the bridge a sail-like profile.

The North Atwater Crossing originally received seed funding from local businessman and philanthropist Morton La Kretz, who provided $$.75 million to fund its design and construction.  However, a series of cost overruns have seen the project's price tag swell to $16.1 million, with the bulk of the bridge's cost to be footed by Los Angeles taxpayers.

Completion of the bridge is anticipated in 2019.

Another L.A. River bridge linking Frogtown and the Taylor Yard river park is set to break ground in July.