For the past four years, workers have toiled away on an automated people mover system which will connect the LAX central terminal area to a new consolidated rental car facility and a more than $900-million Metro Rail station. But in addition to those two stops, the airport's $5.5-billion landside access modernization program - or LAMP - will also include a pair of new ground transportation hubs designed to steer passenger drop-off and pick-up away from the airport's congested horseshoe.

Those ground transportation hubs - Intermodal Transportation Facilities East and West - are the subjects of presentations scheduled for the December 13 meeting of the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission, which is slated to provide feedback on design concepts from engineering firm HNTB and construction firm Swinerton.

Aerial view of ITF East looking northwestHNTB

ITF East, planned at 9602 S. Aviation Boulevard, would about both the consolidated rental car facility and the new Metro rail hub under construction at 96th Street. The new ground transportation center is intended as the primary pick-up and drop-off point for passengers arriving via private automobile, and would connect to the people mover via a new plaza. Proposed project elements include metal canopy shelters, outdoor seating, charge stations, decorative lighting, and landscaping, with public restrooms to be located in the adjoining rental car facility.

Aerial view of ITF West looking northwestHNTB

ITF West, planned roughly a half-mile away at 9319 S. Airport Boulevard, would replace an existing Avis rental car lot, which is being relocated into the consolidated rental car facility - or Conrac. The west facility is intended as the primary queuing location for Uber, Lyft, and other transportation network companies, as well as shuttle buses and taxis.  Similar to its sibling, plans call for metal canopy shelters, seating, charging stations, and public restrooms located in the adjoining economy lot parking garage.

The people mover, as well as the new ground transportation facilities, are all poised to debut in 2024.

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