A new batch of construction photos published by Los Angeles World Airports showcase progress on the new LAX automated people mover system, the centerpiece of the airport's $5.5-billion Landside Access Modernization Program.

"Concrete has been poured and cured for the rotary outside the People Mover train's West ITF station that connects to the LAX Economy Parking facility."LAWA

Running along a 2.25-mile concrete guideway which was completed last year, the people mover will connect the central terminal area with two new ground transportation hubs located to the east, as well as a new Metro Rail connection and a massive car rental hub.

Passengers will be shuttled along the elevated, monorail-like system within a fleet of 44 driverless INNOVIA 300 vehicles, which began arriving in Los Angeles last year. At peak hours, the people mover will operate every two minutes, with an end-to-end trip of 10 minutes between the westernmost station in the central terminal area and the easternmost station at the rental car hub.

"Fencing is installed at the People Mover train near the Air Traffic Control tower."LAWA

Plans call for a total of three stops within the central terminal area, which will connect to the passenger facilities around the notoriously congested horseshoe road through a series of pedestrian bridges.

The people mover is expected to begin serving LAX passengers sometime in 2024.

Besides the ground transportation facilities, LAX is also in the midst of a $15-billion revamp overhaul which has recently seen the debut of the $1.73-billion West Gates expansion of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, which added 15 new passenger gates in a five-story, 1,700-foot-long building. That recent expansion is itself slated for an expansion, in the form of a new L-shaped attachment which would add eight more passenger gates.

"With many external components nearing completion, the People Mover train's CTA stations are preparing for energization."LAWA

Additionally, the airport is expected to add a new passenger concourse attached to Terminal 1 and  a new passenger terminal on the east side of Sepulveda Boulevard. Those projects are expected to be built by 2028, prior to the start of the Summer Olympic Games.

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