A newly unearthed study offers a look at how an infill station serving Los Angeles General Medical Center could be added to Metrolink's San Bernardino Line.

Location of proposed Metrolink Station at Los Angeles General Medical CenterMetro

The mid-2022 report, which was obtained by @numble through a public records request, examined a location adjacent to the El Monte Busway's existing LAC + USC Medical Center Station - which bears LA General Medical Center's previous name. The proposed project would involve the construction of a new center platform within the existing San Bernardino Line right-of-way, just east of the State Street overpass.

The study considers two design alternatives for the station, with variances based on passenger access. In one concept, a new pedestrian bridge would allow passengers to cross above the right-of-way and use elevators and other vertical circulation elements to reach the platform below. This bridge would be built adjacent to busway's existing pedestrian overpass, which was completed in the 1970s, and has been determined to be excessively difficult to retrofit.

Ground-level view of proposed stationMetro

In the second alternative, passenger access to the platform would be provided via Pomeroy Avenue, with a new sloping pedestrian path allowing passengers to cross the tracks at-grade to reach the platform. This would also include pedestrian gates and warning bells, with passing trains required to sound their horn when approaching the station.

Costs for the infill stop could vary based on design alternatives. As would be expected, the at-grade walkway has been found to be the most affordable option, with an estimated cost of roughly $51 million. A design which incorporates a pedestrian bridge is expected to cost at least $64.6 million, or as much as $110 million if built as the "signature bridge" depicted in the attached rendering.

While an exact timeline for delivery of the project has not been announced, Metro's Board of Director's recently approved funding for further study of the station, as well as a similar infill stop in the City of Pico Rivera.

Aerial view of proposed stationMetro

The proposed stop at LA General Medical Center could serve as a boon to the roughly 8,600 employees of the hospital complex, as well as the roughly 2,000 residents who live in close proximity. The study estimates that the addition of a station would serve up to 850 passengers each weekday, relative to baseline conditions.

It also comes at a time when County officials are looking to expand the offerings of LA General Medical Center beyond healthcare facilities. Officials are currently seeking a development team which could bring housing, commercial uses, and other amenities to a 12-acre site which includes the historic General Hospital building.

While it may be useful for residents and employees in the immediate area, the station could have impacts on the broader Metrolink network. According to the report, the addition of a new stop serving the Medical Center would either require the acquisition of additional train sets, or an adjustment to the San Bernardino Line's schedule.

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