A little-known regional rail station in the eastern San Fernando Valley could be on the move, if City Council President Paul Krekorian has his way.

In a motion introduced last week, Krekorian asks city staff to work with Metro and Metrolink on the potential relocation of the Antelope Valley Line's Sun Valley Station to a location on either Sunland Boulevard or Van Nuys Boulevard. The current station, located at San Fernando Road's intersection with Olinda Street, is described as being in an industrial area, far from residents, businesses, and other transit connections - a placement which results in many residents of the area being unaware of its existence.

Existing Sun Valley Station location in green, proposed new locations in redGoogle Maps

Krekorian's motion notes that the Antelope Valley Line is set to undergo a roughly $220-million upgrade which would enable 30-minute, bi-directional headways on the segment between Santa Clarita and Union Station, representing a sharp increase from the 10 trains which serve the corridor today. Trips between Sun Valley Station and Downtown take roughly 29 minutes, according to the Councilmember.

The motion, which has been referred to the City Council's Transportation Committee for further consideration, requests a report from the Chief Legislative Analyst and Chief Administrative Officer on relocating the station to either Van Nuys or Sunland, the potential for better connecting the station with bus services, and the possibility of adding a second passenger platform to take advantage of a planned stretch of double track.

Route of East San Fernando Valley light rail lineMetro

The proposal from Krekorian may dovetail with the future of another Metro project: the East San Fernando Valley light rail line. Heavy construction is expected to commence for the initial phase of the rail line, which will run along Van Nuys Boulevard from the Antelope Valley Line right-of-way toward the G Line busway. While plans have called for a second phase of the project to veer northwest parallel to the Metrolink tracks, Metro has also considered simply upgrading headways on the Antelope Valley line and construction a new stop at Van Nuys Boulevard to allow transfers between the two services.

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