Construction is complete for a new permanent supportive housing complex near the intersection of 6th and San Pedro Streets in Downtown Los Angeles, Suffolk announced earlier this month.

The 6th Street Place apartments, developed by Mercy Housing California, sit on a corner lot at 401 E. 6th Street. The six-story, approximately 70,000-square-foot building includes 94 studio apartments above ground-floor community space and a 13-car garage. The building, which is reserved entirely for low-income households save for one manager's unit, will have on-site services provided by The People Concern.

Street-level view of 6th Street PlaceChristina Roper

"The project at 6th and San Julian is a significant step forward in our continued commitment to serving the local community and it has been an honor to play a part in bringing this affordable housing option to life,” said Suffolk Los Angeles senior project manager Matt Mayoya in a news release. "On this project, we leveraged modular construction and collaborated with key partners every step of the way, leading to a sustainable, cost-effective and timely build that will have a huge impact on the local community."   

TCA Architects and Relm designed 6th Street Place, which is one of only a handful of new Downtown development to make use of prefabricated modular units in its construction. Individual components of the building were manufactured off-site, then assembled at the intersection of 6th and San Julian Streets.

401-411 E. 6th StreetGoogle Maps

"The design goal of 6th Street Place is to provide a unique opportunity for homeless residents to contribute to the community by expressing their individuality through artistic means," reads a narrative posted to the TCA website. "A resident 'art mural' at the ground floor creates opportunities for residents to contribute a piece of art in the form of a wall tile. The mosaic mural will evolve through time as more tiles are infilled."

The Downtown project is located one block west of the intersection of 6th and San Pedro Streets, where construction is also underway for a 19-story high-rise which will rank at the city's largest supportive housing development at completion.

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