A presentation to the Santa Monica Architectural Review Board reveals a fresh look for the latest Redcar Properties office building planned near Memorial Park.

The project at 1645 Euclid Street, last seen before the board in 2019, is now envisioned as a three-story building featuring nearly 39,000 square feet of offices atop a two-level subterranean parking garage. That is an increase from the roughly 26,000 square feet of offices space planned five years ago.

View looking east from Euclid StreetRedcar Properties / Selldorf Architects / ERA Studio

The design team for the building, consisting of Selldorf Architects and Evan Raabe Architecture Studio, have envisioned a contemporary low-rise structure similar to adjacent developments.

"The architectural concept is defined by several circulation elements, including a passage along the northerly property line that links Euclid Street with Euclid Place, and vertically oriented recessed courtyards flanking the north and south sides of the building, within which occupants access the building’s different floors via exterior stairways," reads a staff report. "A ground-floor portal on Euclid Street is a point of porosity in the otherwise solid building façade and provides a second point of pedestrian access from Euclid Street. Although the building footprint occupies most of the project site, the design integrates and features the use of outdoor space through landscaping along the building edges, at building recesses, balconies, and on the roof."

Aerial view looking eastRedcar Properties / Selldorf Architects / ERA Studio

City staff have recommended approval of the building design.

The project is the fourth Redcar office building in the near vicinity, joining the 1630 and 1650 Euclid developments now taking shape across the street, and another building now on the rise along 14th Street to the east. The 1645 Euclid building will share a property line and a pedestrian paseo with the latter project.

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