More than 30 years after its debut, the A Line may finally be on a path to encouraging new housing development in the unincorporated community of Florence-Firestone.

This week, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted to adopt the Florence-Firestone Transit Oriented District Specific Plan. The zone changes included within the plan will impact properties located within a roughly half-mile radius of a the A Line's Slauson, Florence, and Firestone stations.

Notable among the changes are those to properties fronting Slauson Avenue, Gage Street, Nadeau Street, Compton Avenue, and Holmes Avenue, which are now intended to permit mixed-use buildings and multifamily housing. Additionally, the reach of the specific plan also extends to side streets, where blocks of duplexes, triplexes, and single-family homes would be rezoned to allow for larger apartment buildings and townhome-style projects.

To see the zone changes, check the maps in our gallery.

Additionally, the specific plan includes provisions for new public realm and infrastructure improvements, including traffic signals, wayfinding signage, bikeways, and crosswalks.

The specific plan will take effect as Los Angeles County has started taking steps to address Florence-Firestone's notoriously hazardous streets. The Board of Supervisors has previously approved plans to improve street crossings along Slauson Avenue, an area which both feeds into the A Line and will also abut Metro's $143-million Rail to Rail active transportation project.

Likewise, the County was recently awarded $20.5 million in Federal funding to address street safety across the Florence-Firestone neighborhood. That money is expected to go toward new curb ramps. curb extensions, raised crosswalks, raised medians, pedestrian refuge islands, speed cushions, high-visibility crosswalks, signage, and the removal of sections of roadway to reduce conflicts at certain intersections.

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