Six city-owned parking lots near the Van Nuys Civic Center could be put up for grabs as development sites, according to a motion introduced recently by 6th District City Councilmember Imelda Padilla.

"Van Nuys is poised to become the region's primary transportation center with the implementation of three significant Metro projects," reads the motion, referencing upgrades to the G Line Busway, the East San Fernando Valley light rail line, and a proposed rail corridor through the Sepulveda Pass. "With the changes to on-street parking on Van Nuys Boulevard due to the construction of the [East San Fernando Valley line], the city has an excellent opportunity to assess existing public parking lots in the corridor."

The six sites identified by the motion include:

  • 14401 Friar Street;
  • 14521 Friar Street;
  • 14532 Gilmore Street;
  • 14607 Sylvan Street;
  • 14517 Erwin Street; and
  • 14402 Gilmore Street.

Parking lots to be evaluated for redevelopment near Van Nuys Civic CenterGoogle Maps

According got the motion, these sites could be more suitable for other uses such as affordable and supportive housing, mixed-income housing, open space, or commercial space. The motion, which has been directed to the Council's Housing and Homelessness Committee for review, directs city staff to evaluate the suitability of the sites for redevelopment - including replacement parking options and needs.

Padilla's predecessor, former Council President Nury Martinez, had also sought to kick start a revamp of the Van Nuys Civic Center and its immediate surroundings. Some study of the parking lots in the blocks surrounding area were evaluated for development as a result of that effort.

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